Being Okayest. Being True.

It’s my first Mother’s Day.

I haven’t written a post in awhile, and while the break during these last two months have been unintentional, I have started wondering about the course of this blog. What do I write about if my daily outfit nowadays consists of pajama bottoms, a Madewell tee (which is, by the way, the perfect, slouchy shirt), and an oversized cardigan?

Write about your new life right now, a friend suggested. About motherhood and the way you’re experiencing it.

It sounded so simple. And yet, I worried. Will writing about parenthood struggles and the everyday mundane feel relevant to my readers? Will people lose interest when I start talking about sleep deprivation, the challenges of breastfeeding and bloody nipples (yes, I said that), or struggling with postpartum depression? This is my life right now, but who would care?

My husband gave me my Mother’s Day gift this morning, a t-shirt that said, “World’s Okayest Mom.” It was not only a confirmation of who I am, but an affirmation that it’s ok to just be ok.

worldsokayestmom_1024x1024And I realized this: I never started a blog to garner lots of followers. It was always about sharing what was real and authentic to me, even if that came at a risk of being raw and off-putting. I may never have the greatest blog, just like I’ll probably never be the greatest mom. But that’s ok. As long as I stay true to me.

I hope you’ll stay around.

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  1. Misfit Librarian says

    Write about whatever you want and whatever makes you happy. I’ll keep coming to visit. 😀

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