A Day in the Life of This Mama

Little V recently turned 1 (!!!), and I still can’t believe I’m a mom. I used to think my old life (pre-baby) was busy, and now I wonder what I did with all that free time. Mr. Wonderful and I have no clue what new movies are out right now, and we’re lucky if we make it out to a restaurant once a week, but life somehow feels more full without those things.

Sometimes when I have the chance to grab coffee with a girl friend, I get asked, “So how’s life?” For some reason, I find myself at a loss for words when it comes to that question. It’s routine, it’s fun, and it’s busy, all in one. I thought it’d be fun to give you some iPhone snapshots of what a typical day looks like for us!

a day

7:35am – Little V normally wakes up sometime between 7am-8am, which means that’s when we wake up too. I know most kids (and adults) wake up earlier than that, so we’re not complaining! Not too long ago we made the decision to live in the same neighborhood where we work, and it’s helped us achieve a better work-life balance.

7:50am – After going through my morning skincare routine, I stick in my contacts and get breakfast started for the family. Milk for Little V (hooray, no more breastfeeding!), and usually eggs of some sort with whatever ingredient is in the fridge. Meanwhile, Mr. Wonderful does the diaper changing and snot sucking (Little V has been congested of late).

a day W

8:10am – We eat, taking turns feeding Little V and laughing at all her wonderful ways. This girl smiles through life, whether it’s sipping milk, dancing in her chair, or trying to sound out new words.

a day W-4

9:00am – Time for daycare. We’re lucky that we got accepted into a place that is only two blocks away from our current apartment. And yes…in San Francisco there is an entire application (and sometimes interview) process to get into daycare. Even though I applied when I was pregnant, a space didn’t open up until Little V was 10 months old! We are still #52 in another local daycare we applied to, no joke.

9:20am – I throw on some clothes (leggings and a sweater), clean the kitchen and get to work. In case you don’t know, I’m a stylist! The best part of my job is being able to do nearly everything from home, including meetings with my boss.

12:00pm – Lunch. Then yoga class. Or my weekly physical therapist appointment. Or lunch with Mr. Wonderful. Just depends on the day.

2:20pm – Throw in some laundry (dirty baby clothes never end), then work again.

3:45pm – Start prepping for dinner. We live right above a Whole Foods supermarket, which has really made the transition into parenthood that much easier.

a day-2

4:35pm – Time to get ready to pick up Little V. The day just flies by! We drop by Whole Foods to pick up some fruit and mochi for dessert. I spend the rest of the afternoon with her until Mr. Wonderful comes home.

a day W-3

6:30pm – Daddy’s home! I swear this is Little V’s favorite part of the day. It doesn’t matter how much time I spend with her, she loves her Daddy. :) I finish cooking dinner while Mr. Wonderful plays with his girl. Today’s menu: okonomiyaki (a Japanese savory pancake).

a day-3

a day W-2

6:40pm – We pray. We eat. We talk about our day. All is good (except for the part where Little V continuously chucks food onto the floor).

7:15pm – I clean up, while Mr. Wonderful slowly starts the bedtime routine (quiet play, clean change of clothes, read books).

8:45pm – Lights out for Little V! Some nights we try to catch up on the mail and mundane chores, while other times we cycle through our TV/Netflix shows (Big Bang Theory, Fresh Off the Boat, Blackish, Mind of a Chef, Chef’s Table). I have 30 minutes of physical therapy exercises to do every day, so watching a show makes it less boring. Occasionally I’ll use this time to blog.

10:30pm – Bedtime skincare routine, then off to bed. Sometimes one of us will stay up reading, but lately I’ve been fighting a cold so it’s an early bedtime for me…

Good night!


The Practice of Slowing Down

Slowing Down

Some readers have asked where I’ve been, and when I would start writing again. Little V is already 7 months old–where has the time gone?

It all started with a foot injury in late June. An innocent pair of new, flat sandals did me in this time (two years ago it was a pair of too-tall heels). My podiatrist gave a little laugh at my vanity, but assured me it would be better in two weeks. Fast forward three months later, and the pain from my foot has spread to my heel, ankle, and entire lower left leg. Add on the classic aches and pains of motherhood–back problems and tendonitis–and I was forced to slow down. Way down.

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7 Decluttering Tips for Your Home

SimplifyLast week, I wrote about how Mr. Wonderful and I got rid of 400 sq ft worth of stuff. It was definitely not an overnight process. There are plenty of websites that suggest “5-Minute Decluttering Tips” and “Fill a Trash Bag with Items to Donate” but in all honesty, I can fill up a garbage bag simply by opening a few cupboards. A real purge takes a true commitment, and you won’t achieve it by “only” spending 5 minutes a day.

Trying to set aside an entire weekend never happened for us (who wants to clean when the sun is taunting?), so we committed to decluttering a few weekday nights a week. This meant turning down double dates and fun events so we could clean. It meant “working” after a long day at work. Not fun. But commitment is the first step, and the ultimate goal of having a more simplified home kept us going. It took us about a month, but we did it!

Here are our tips:

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How We Got Rid of 400-Square-Foot Worth of Stuff

Thanks to my Mom, I always considered myself a fairly minimal person – regularly donating things to Goodwill, purging what I haven’t used in awhile, and only buying something new if I got rid of something else first. As a subscriber to Real Simple magazine, I knew all the tips to making life simpler. Mr. Wonderful, on the other hand, likes to keep everything on hand for a “what if” situation. When we first got married and were packing up his bachelor pad, I found a 1-inch piece of Velcro in a box.

“You can’t be serious,” I said, dangling the white strip in his face.

“You never know when you might need it,” he insisted. I rolled my eyes. Heaving a sigh, he tossed it in the garbage.

Next, I eyed a dusty box of mints. “We’ve been dating for over two years and I’ve never seen you eat these.”

mints [Read more…]

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