Stitch Fix for Men


Christmas came early for my husband this year, in the form of his first Stitch Fix box. This guy dislikes shopping so much that I can only drag him to the mall if he finds a Pokemon worth catching. He buys maybe a few new pieces a year, so I thought having his own personal stylist *wink* would be a positive experience for him. [Read more…]

The Best Shoe of 2017

untitled-2 It is a weird feeling when the running shoe you wear every day suddenly shows up on the cover of a magazine.

But let me back up. I am not a runner. I had a labral tear in my right hip over five years ago, and after surgery I was told I should stay away from running if I wanted to prevent another visit to the operating room.

Despite following these instructions, I’ve had one foot issue after another, some of which I shared in this old post. I’ve gone through a dozen sneakers in the last year and a half, in an attempt to find something I could comfortably walk in. Sneakerhead I am not, though I’ve learned so much about sneaker technology that sometimes I wonder if I should make a new career out of it.

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Autumn Floral Maxi Dress

floral maxi dress

One of the best parts about being a stylist is constantly discovering new designers I would have overlooked otherwise. Yumi Kim has been around for over a decade, but it was only recently that I noticed her line of moody floral dresses that are just perfect for fall. Plus she offers sizes in XXS, which is rare for a designer brand! I ended up ordering this dress recently, which I wore on a recent trip to New York City. I had long been looking for a sleeved maxi dress that also had a higher neckline (is it just me, or are plunging necklines everywhere this season?), but its sheer sleeves and skirt bottom balanced the conservative look accordingly. I was surprised at how well this dress fit my short torso, though I did have to get the length hemmed by several inches.

If you’re someone who appreciates modest yet fashionable options in your wardrobe, exploring collections from a reputable modest dress company could be a delightful revelation. These companies often specialize in designs that prioritize elegance and coverage without compromising on style. Picture finding the perfect sleeved maxi dress with a higher neckline, catering to those seeking a more conservative look. A modest dress company might just be the go-to for discovering such gems, ensuring a wardrobe that aligns with your style preferences. The attention to detail in design and sizing considerations, like those offered by Yumi Kim in XXS, exemplifies the commitment of certain designers to cater to a diverse range of tastes and body types, making fashion an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all. [Read more…]

Zara Red Maxi Dress and Sonoma Recommendations

Red Zara dress TOP

I haven’t shopped much for myself lately, but while I was perusing Zara’s online sale for Little V, I thought I’d give this red dress a try. I am not usually a maxi dress person, but now that I’m confined to wearing sneakers I appreciate the ability of the longer hem to cover up my active shoes. In a way, maxi dresses allow me to preserve part of my femininity when my usual uniform is denim or work out clothes. [Read more…]

Anthropologie Lucille Peplum Blouse and Distressed Bermuda Shorts

Anthro blouse2

It actually hit the 80s this week! For those of us living in San Francisco, it means it’s time to hit the beach. There are only a few weeks in the year (sometimes none) when we get to pull out shorts, so I relish every opportunity to do so. As I’ve gotten older (or old), I’ve started appreciating longer hem shorts, as your legs don’t burn in the hot leather of the car and it works well with longer tops like this one. [Read more…]

Can you spot the Asian girl on this InStyle cover?

InStyle InjusticeI always look forward to the latest issue of InStyle arriving in the mail, and this month was no different. As a new mom, I thought it was sweet that a circle of little girls graced the cover with the elegant Victoria Beckham. Her collaboration with Target will be launching in a couple of weeks, so I eagerly turned to page 180 in anticipation of learning more.

As I looked through the photo spread and studied the girls’ clothing (mentally listing the ones I wanted to buy for Little V), I suddenly noticed part of a little Asian girl’s face on the bottom right side of page 182. Oh that’s nice they’re being inclusive, I thought, until I looked for her in other photos of the spread. In one photo (page 181) you could see the girl’s right eyebrow and forehead. In another you see her right cheek (page 182). Yet another had part of her back, hair, and legs (page 183). Except for the first shot I noticed, she was practically invisible. If you had photoshopped a blank space over her in all those pictures, it would hardly make a difference. Her presence didn’t matter. [Read more…]

The Meaning of Pain


In the end, adversity finds us all.

For the past five years, I’ve struggled through various physical, debilitating pains – first a hip surgery that left me unable to run, then a permanent toe fracture, and now a neuroma/plantar fasciitis/metatarsalgia (depending on which of the five (six?) doctors I’ve seen in the last year you ask).

To suffer through any type of pain is a test of endurance, whether it’s the physical kind or the wrenching heartbreak you experience through a broken relationship or death. Sometimes it’s the repeated hope and disappointment of fertility tests or surgeries that fail and fail again. Sometimes they’re all intertwined. Sometimes we plead with God to take it away. Sometimes we don’t see the point of living any more.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we’re above the pain, that we’ve moved on and it can’t touch us. I find this works on most days when it happens to be a busy time at work or when Little V is yelling for attention. But when it’s calm, an unsettling feeling starts inside of me.. [Read more…]

Holiday Sweaters

There is nothing quite like a great sweater during the holiday season – cozy enough so that you’re warm and comfortable, unique enough so that you have some style, and casual enough so it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.

I nabbed a few sweaters during this year’s impressive Black Friday sales, and thought I’d share them with you:

Holiday SweaterVince Camuto Cold Shoulder Sweater, XXS Petite

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Giving Thanks To The Parking Ticket Collector


There are obvious people in my life I’m thankful for – Mr. Wonderful, for one. Little V. My sister. The friends who have stuck by me through the good and the bad. And then there’s the elderly man who collects my ticket at the parking garage of my chiropractor’s office.

Being a ticket collector must be one of the most mundane jobs I can think of. Even filing books at a library seems more interesting (which I did for many years as a teen). I’d take a job at McDonald’s over sitting in a booth of a dark garage by myself, staring into space until the next person who wishes to exit the premises comes along. And yet whenever I see this man, he says, “Hi! How are you?” with a huge smile on his face, and then says, “Have a nice day!” as if he really means it. His good spirits are contagious, and no matter what kind of mood I was in that morning, I always leave my weekly chiropractor’s appointment feeling better in more ways than one.

Though I don’t even know the name of this man, his simple actions remind me that regardless of how insignificant your actions may seem, it can make a difference in someone else’s day.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy thanksgiving!

Who have you been thankful for this year?

The Practice of Slowing Down

Slowing Down

Some readers have asked where I’ve been, and when I would start writing again. Little V is already 7 months old–where has the time gone?

It all started with a foot injury in late June. An innocent pair of new, flat sandals did me in this time (two years ago it was a pair of too-tall heels). My podiatrist gave a little laugh at my vanity, but assured me it would be better in two weeks. Fast forward three months later, and the pain from my foot has spread to my heel, ankle, and entire lower left leg. Add on the classic aches and pains of motherhood–back problems and tendonitis–and I was forced to slow down. Way down.

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