Distressed shorts + Tweed blazer


Living in San Francisco, I rarely get the chance to wear shorts. I had friends who came to visit from the hot and humid East Coast recently, and lamented over the fact they forgot to bring their jackets. It’s California, so isn’t it sunny all the time? Nope. Not in San Francisco. Even in the summer, we frequently need a second layer (travel tip if you ever visit my foggy city!).

So when the weather finally reached the 70s, I eagerly pulled out my new pair of LOFT distressed shorts. There’s something about being in my 30s and feeling more age-appropriate in a longer hemline. When Mr. Wonderful and I did our great purging recently, I realized I hadn’t touched my shorts with a 3” inseam in several years. When I do wear shorts nowadays, I favor Bermuda styles and capris. My shorter shorts were some of the few things Mr. Wonderful did not want me to get rid of!


These distressed shorts are a happy medium between being fairly conservative but still having a stylish edge. I recently paired it with a tweed jacket (another LOFT favorite!) and my go-to silver kitten heels while running errands during the weekend. I’m all about being casual but still feeling put together.

distressedshortsTLOFT shorts, Banana Republic drapey racerback tank, LOFT tweed jacket (similar), Clarks silver kitten heels (similar)

What do you think of shorts with longer inseams? Is there an age where short shorts (3” inseam or shorter) should definitely be a no?

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  1. says

    Interesting question, but I think it’s actually very body and style specific. For one, “short shorts” as I have seen them on Berkeley’s campus literally mean your butt cheeks are hanging out by at least an inch, and I think I am going to be one of those old ladies on this one and just say “kids these days!”. But I also think a short inseam does not look the same on someone with long slender legs and someone with more average or even stubby legs. The same style of shorts can show “more leg” on some people than others, depending on body type, pants size, etc. For example, I am confident that the inseam on the shorts you are wearing in that picture would go all the way to my knees (I’ve tried on those styles many times), whereas a standard-shaped short would probably fall about where what you are wearing falls or even closer to my knees. It seems like each person kind of needs to look at the fit, overall image, and significance of an outfit holistically and decide what feels comfortable and appropriate to the person, to their body type, and to the setting where they will be wearing said outfit. If Mr. Wonderful wants you to keep some clothes that you feel are a little small, there is at least one setting where you can wear whatever you want for him (wink, wink)!

    • lifeunrefined says

      That’s a good point. I went shopping with my sister recently and the same shorts she picked out looked right on her but way too “junior” on me. So it probably depends on height and weight of each person.

  2. says

    I love your outfit! The jacket and kitten heels juxtaposed with distressed shorts are perfectly styled.

    I think shorts with longer inseams are a bit more difficult to pair with other pieces, because they break up the leg more. But done right, I like them even better.

    Ireland Rhea

  3. says

    I love how fashion forward your look is! I personally prefer to wear shorts that come past my finger tips when they are down at my side, but that’s just my personal style. My legs are pretty long so I end up showing a bit of leg anyway and I prefer to feel more “classy” in my clothes then “sexy” :)
    I love those shorts they are super chic!

  4. Starla B says

    I absolutely love those shorts! I love that you paired them with a blazer- love pieces that can be dressed up or down! xo

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