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July means summer is finally coming to San Francisco, which means I have about two months (August and September) to cycle through all the sleeveless pieces in my closet. Having an efficient HVAC system is necessary—what if the ac unit not spinning outside? If the AC unit’s fan outside is not spinning, start by checking the circuit breaker to ensure it hasn’t tripped. If the breaker is fine, consider hiring an efficient air conditioning repair service to inspect potential issues with the capacitor or the fan motor. It’s also best to contact a professional air conditioning repair service to diagnose and repair the issue promptly. If you are wondering about how to keep cool when ac is broken, make sure to consult a trusted hvac professional.

This dress has been sitting in my closet for a while. And by a while, I mean years. I had bought it at a whim from Juicy Couture of all places (and no, I have never owned those velour pajama pants), but unlike some other pieces I have purchased without thought, this one is a piece that I have always loved but deemed too “dressy” to wear for every day. So it sat in my closet, untouched.

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The Must Have Dress For Summer


I have never been much of a Bohemian girl, but the flowy shift dress (some call it a swing or trapeze dress) became my friend when I was pregnant with Little V. Stylish yet comfortable, they’re easy to pair with everything from sandals to boots. Plus they cover your stomach whether you’re pregnant or full from a big dinner (a constant problem). I’ve been wearing this old Urban Outfitters piece on repeat the last three years, and figured it was time for an update. I loved the idea of a feminine lacy white dress in contrast with my go-to brown boot, so I’ve been on the hunt for such a piece.

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The Easiest Everyday Outfit

olive military jacket every day outfit

You guys. I can wear olive again.

After it made me nauseous during my pregnancy (crazy, right?), I got rid of everything related to my previously favorite neutral including my beloved cargo jacket. It used to be my almost everyday go-to, and it’s something I tell my clients they should have in their closet whether they’re 16 or 60. Add some jeans and a white blouse or tee and you’re good to go. I’ve been without one for the last 2.5 years, and it’s a staple that I’ve never found a comparable replacement for. While I love my faux leather jacket (edgy) and khaki trench (classic), a utility jacket is that effortless casual piece you can throw on over anything and call it a day.

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The Best Boots for Chronic Foot Pain

most comfortable boots

I know “best” is one of those terms that’s often casually tossed around, but I have finally found a pair of boots that are more comfortable than nearly every other sneaker I’ve tried. And let’s be honest, they’re a lot more attractive!

My physical therapist had long recommended that if I could find comfortable lace-up boots, it would be better for my weak ankles than sneakers. Laces allow a customized fit and therefore additional stability. Wanting to find a pair of non-athletic shoes I could wear, I spent the last year scouring forums and reading hundreds of Zappos reviews trying to find one that could work. I bought a pair of Timberlands that people swore they could hike all day in, but I couldn’t even make it down the block before I hobbled home. Cute ankle booties were out of the question, as most of them were too wide for me in the ankle and the buckle straps are usually more decorative than useful.

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Stitch Fix for Men


Christmas came early for my husband this year, in the form of his first Stitch Fix box. This guy dislikes shopping so much that I can only drag him to the mall if he finds a Pokemon worth catching. He buys maybe a few new pieces a year, so I thought having his own personal stylist *wink* would be a positive experience for him. [Read more…]

Top 5 Black Friday Sales for Kids Clothing

As a new parent, Black Friday has become less about deals for myself and more for my kid. Little V outgrows clothing so much more quickly than I do, so I’m always waiting for the latest sales. With Christmas around the corner, it’s also a great time to find some cute holiday outfits! Here are a few I checked out for my daughter today:

Black Friday Kids ZaraZara Check Bow Dress (so cute with black leggings and this red coat)

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One Sweater, Two Ways


Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, Mr. Wonderful and I were able to get away for a weekend trip recently. It was only the second night we’ve been away from Little V since she was born, so it was quite a big deal! I threw on a casual gray-on-gray ensemble and off we went.

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Are High End Leggings Worth It? A Review on Athleta, Michi, and Calvin Klein

There’s no sense in fighting it anymore–leggings have become a part of my daily uniform. I never quite understood why many moms, even trendy ones, are often seen wearing leggings and other athletic wear, but now I get it. You need something that you can move in, be vomited on, and come out of the washer and dryer booger-free. I’ve ripped some designer jeans trying to crawl on the floor once, and never mind trying to machine-dry denim unless you want them to shrink and fade after a few washes. Besides, now that I’m always in sneakers I may as well complete my outfits in athleisure.

I started with Target leggings, because why spend $100 when you can spend $10? But honestly they were a little scratchy and a bit thin for my liking. Plus I wanted something with an edgier style, so I dropped into a local Athleta store on my way home from yoga class one day.

I tried on every style of leggings they had in the store and liked the Excursion Tight (photo below) the best. I also picked up a pair of Polartec Power Stretch Tight, which is a fairly basic piece but amazingly warm. I’ve been reaching for it when the temperatures drop below 50s at night.

leggings_small leggings_small-2

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Floral Maxi with Leather Jacket

Floral maxi

I had a couple of events to attend recently, and was at a total loss on what to wear. Due to my foot injury last year, wearing anything but these sneakers was not an option. I was hoping to wear a short, fitted dress for the sporty, flirty look that many celebs are rocking, but it wasn’t right without black and white sneakers. A maxi dress seemed like a safe idea, but the few I own have longer hems that were meant to be worn with heels. Since I didn’t have enough time to get one altered, I turned to Rent the Runway. [Read more…]

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