Highlights from Mercedes-Benz Panama Fashion Week

After attending my first Fashion Week, I have a lot of respect for the fashion press who sit through shows all day, work all night to go through their photos and notes, and then repeat it all the next day. Sifting through the 600+ pictures I took during the three-day event was exhausting (and there were entire shows where I didn’t bother taking any photos!), but I’m thrilled I had the privilege to be part of the excitement.

Below are some of my favorite highlights. Since pictures speak louder than words, I’ll let them do (most of) the talking. Enjoy!

PFW-2The ever chic jewelry designer Melina Typaldos dancing down the runway. I love Panamanians; they’re always ready for a good time!


A glimpse of the front-row audience.


 The woman in the left photo attended Fashion Week wearing a noticeably different hat every day. Yes, she is wearing a skeleton-print top along with a feathery hat. The couple on the right kept their sunglasses on indoors the whole time. I guess they’re too cool to actually watch the show.

PFWhighlights300 PFWhighlights300-2

California style strutting down the runway! Aside from the blouse in the left photo, most of the styles were uninteresting. I loved the tenderly sweet moments between the models, though.


Mexican designer Kris Goyri had an entire collection designed in lovely coral colors.

PFWhighlights-2Lea Sofer went for a rainbow-hued collection (but it was the green dress that caught my eye).

PFWhighlights-3New designer Londy Atelier debuts his collection (and wins the “Emerging Designer” award that evening). How perfect is that sleeveless jacket?

PFWback-2 PFWback PFWback-3I love being surprised when a model makes a turn on the runway to reveal a captivating detail on the back (even if it’s paint splatter!).

PFWhighlights300-4 PFWhighlights300-3 PFWhighlights300-5 PFWhighlights300-6

They’re all in classic black, but each is unique in its own way.

PFWhighlights300-8 PFWhighlights300-9

I would totally wear either of these outfits. Hopefully I can find a way to replicate them!

PFW-4Designer Vicente Castellon reminding us that this is all about having fun!

Don’t miss out on my recap of Day 1 and some of the hilarious styles I saw on Day 2.

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  1. says

    Amazing! That splattered paint dress reminds me of my childhood for some reason… a much more beautiful and glamorous childhood though! lol!

    xx Larisa @ weheartbeauty.com

  2. says

    Wow, these are incredible! And I agree– for fashion editors who sit through hours and hours of shows, it must get exhausting. Thanks for sharing these! I probably won’t be finding myself at a fashion show anytime soon 😉

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says

    This sounds like alot of fun. The young ladies look beautiful in their outfits. Thank you so much for sharing

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