Floral Maxi with Leather Jacket

Floral maxi

I had a couple of events to attend recently, and was at a total loss on what to wear. Due to my foot injury last year, wearing anything but these sneakers was not an option. I was hoping to wear a short, fitted dress for the sporty, flirty look that many celebs are rocking, but it wasn’t right without black and white sneakers. A maxi dress seemed like a safe idea, but the few I own have longer hems that were meant to be worn with heels. Since I didn’t have enough time to get one altered, I turned to Rent the Runway.

This dress ended up fitting me perfectly, and for a $30 rental price it’s a good deal. It was perfect for my small-busted 5’2” frame, and it barely grazed the ground when I wore it with sneakers. For petites that don’t have any foot issues, flats would be perfect! I paired it with a soft cardigan for one event and an edgier pleather jacket for the other.

Floral maxi W-2

Readers – do you have any ideas on what I can wear to more formal events with my sneakers? I would love your help!!

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  1. says

    I think you wore that dress with sneakers well, my friend! And in answer to your question, perhaps not for a truly “formal” event, but something more in-between, I like maxi skirts. They are a little easier to fit than a dress, since you can pull them up or down a couple inches so the bottom hits where you want. Is there a way to sufficiently dress up pants (like a lady tuxedo / fancy jumpsuit or something) to pull off at an event? I am sure if anyone could rock it, you could. :-)

    • lifeunrefined says

      I’ve thought about it! I love how jumpsuits/rompers look. But…they do mean being half-naked and cold whenever you go to the bathroom…

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