New Year’s Eve Outfit in Lace, Ruffle and Sneakers


Can you believe 2018 is only a couple of days away? Though I’ll likely be in sweatpants (or asleep) when the ball drops, I thought this beautiful Slate & Willow top I recently rented from Rent the Runway would have also made a great option for the big night. Both its ruffle detail and lace sleeves give it a unique look I haven’t seen anywhere else.

RenttheRunwaytop2Since I can’t wear heels anymore, I paired the top with wide leg pants, which mostly covered my sneakers. I must have tried on nearly two dozen pairs this past season, in search of one that didn’t dwarf my petite 5’2” frame or make me feel frumpy. How I miss the days when slipping on a pair of pumps would immediately elongate my figure by two or three inches! I finally landed on Bailey44’s Boardroom Pants, which have a high waist to create the illusion of longer legs. I wasn’t sure if the elastic waist would make it look too much like yoga pants, but it ended up being very flattering. The waist band keeps the silhouette streamlined, without the annoying gape that comes from pants with a button or hook and eye closure. I didn’t have any bunching issue that another reviewer complained about.

I finished the look with an old Zara necklace. I’m typically not a statement jewelry type person, but I found this piece in a jewelry shop and it was too beautiful to pass up. The white beads contrast nicely against the black fabric, but any color will do. Those who love collecting antique jewellery Sydney may visit the shop of Kalmar Antiques.

When it comes to your hair, you may want to use hair care products for scalp treatment to make your hair healthier and easier to style.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! How will you be ringing in 2018?

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  1. Christine says

    That is a really cool top and I love the pants. They do make you look taller! Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep those pants in mind as I look into some new clothes to replace my wardrobe. For New Years, we will be sleeping too. Maybe watching my niece and nephews so my sister in law and her husband can celebrate their Anniversary. We like being with family for the holidays.

  2. Virginia says

    I’m consistently impressed that you’re able to pull off all these cute, versatile outfits with your sneakers. You look so polished in that outfit. We’ll be in Portland for NYE, ringing in the new year with relatives and most likely in eastern standard time 😉

  3. says

    Love that outfit! I think the statement necklace really ties it together. We were also sleeping when midnight struck (but we were woken up by an earthquake shortly before). Your hair also looks awesome! Miss you! Happy 2018!

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