Something Old and Something You

Leopardblouse I had to attend a work event recently, and felt completely uninspired as I stared at the rotation of five tops I wear on a weekly basis. Striped shirt, gray tee, black tee, black tank, black long-sleeved shirt. I considered the red dress I wore in my last post, but I knew it would be far too dressy.  

I had long taken what was maternity-friendly out of my closet and hung them onto a clothing rack for simplification purposes. Opening my closet door and staring at my complete wardrobe again felt like a foreign act, though it was only a mere six months ago that I was still able to wear most of these clothes. Old friends, I thought, will any of you take me back?

Leopardblouse-2I spent the next hour trying on every top I remembered as being big and blousy on me before. Most of them barely covered half of my ever-growing belly, except for this old leopard silk piece from Joe Fresh. Bingo. The second to last button pulled just the teeniest bit, but it worked. Something about it just made me feel a little more put together, even when paired with ripped jeans and a pair of Keds.

This blouse will probably only fit me for a couple more weeks, but until then, it feels good to wear something old again. Really good.

Is there a beloved piece in your closet you haven’t worn in awhile?

LeopardblouseWJoe Fresh leopard blouse (similar, this one is 80% off!), Aritzia Diderot sweater, Banana Republic jeans (similar), Urban Outfitters mini reversible tote bag, Keds x Kate Spade glitter shoes

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    Yes, so many pieces I haven’t worn in a while, between being in grad school (aka not wearing work clothes that often) and then being pregnant. Even though my body is still adjusting to its new self, there is plenty left that looks great, and it feels good to pick out my outfits for work. It feels like I have SO much to choose from right now! :-)

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    What a precious look. I love the way it looks so fresh even though you are wearing all dark colors. You nailed it girl. You def found a new reader.

    Lindsay |

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