Sunday Sunday with Banana Republic


It might be Valentine’s Day weekend, but Mr. Wonderful and I are opting to celebrate by lounging and relaxing at home. Every spare day is becoming precious, with the knowledge in the back of our minds it could possibly be our last one together with just the two of us.

Though Banana Republic launched its Sunday Sunday lounge collection a little over a year ago, I only discovered it a few months back. This cozy mint sweater has accommodated my growing stomach nicely, and is the perfect layer to throw on over a fitted shirt. It’s been one of my go-to pieces, but only recently did I realize I never took a photo of it for my blog!

Dragging a grumbling Mr. Wonderful off the couch, he took a few quick shots so I could share it here. I’m so appreciative of him. Many people don’t realize that behind most fashion blogs is a significant other who is unpaid and would rather be doing something (anything) else other than taking photos of their girl making comical poses as strangers walk by. But they do it because they want to support us. They believe in us.

Now that’s love.

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day?

SundaySundayWBanana Republic sweater (similar style), H&M MAMA jersey top in dark blue/striped, Banana Republic jeans (similar)

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  1. says

    Real love right there! We will be going to church, playing with our little one, and then attending a wedding for Valentine’s day. Not so romantic, per se, but it feels fitting this year. I do like going to weddings in that they remind me of the vows we made those years ago and give me a moment to pause and evaluate how I am doing in keeping my promises. :-)

    • lifeunrefined says

      I do think attending a wedding on Valentine’s Day seems appropriate, as long as you can attend with your loved one! Besides, who wants to pay for those overpriced set dinners? :)

  2. says

    This outfit is perfection! Especially for the budding spring atmosphere. I’m glad you dragged the hubby off the couch for these pics, haha! I just bought a mint scarf and wasn’t sure how to style it. I’m inspired by your look! Cranking out my black and white stripe dress to pair with the mint! Happy V-day!

    • lifeunrefined says

      Thanks Olyvia! The mint scarf paired with a B&W striped dress sounds cute. A pop of mint also looks great with a white on white ensemble, or go with a bright pink dress for a fun contrast. Hope you had a great weekend!

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