Third Trimester Reflections


It’s hard to believe I’m already in my third trimester, and that in less than two months my life will be unalterably changed. Will she be born with wispy hair and the same boyish looks as I had? Will she take after Mr. Wonderful and have the same triple chin he had as an infant?

Pregnancy has given me added respect to every woman who has gone through this before me. Especially those who have jobs where they stand on their feet all day, or already have other kids to chase. As I prop up my sausage-like swollen feet and legs in front of me while I work at my computer, I wonder, how did you all do it?

I didn’t believe anyone when they told me, but it’s true – first trimester is now a distant memory. I vaguely remember my body being physically miserable and mentally challenged, but I wouldn’t be able to describe it to you anymore.


Are you kidding?? Mr Wonderful burst out, It was the WORST! I had to do everything because you were so sick…” His voice trailed off as I shot him a dirty look.

The nausea eventually wore off. I resumed walking everywhere around the city, started yoga, ate hamburgers again, could get through a workday with a clear head. Aside from my ever-growing belly, I felt fine. No, I felt GREAT.

And then this little person started kicking one day. First it felt like bubbles, and now she’s constantly turning, hiccuping and elbowing my stomach as if to say, “Hey! I’m here. Get ready for me!” And despite the swelling, the ungraceful waddling, the charley horses that wake me up nearly every night, I’m actually getting a little excited. What will she be like?

Two more months.

CapeTJ.Crew Cambridge cable turtleneck sweater, Nordstrom Halogen twill cape, H&M suede leggings, Coach purse

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  1. says

    The photos in this post are very Vogue. It’s weird how long the first trimester seems when you’re in it and then how quickly the time files after (until the end if the baby is late….the time drags again, lol). We are super excited to meet her, too! :-)

  2. Mary H says

    Loved these reflections! I am in my first trimester and luckily am having it relatively easy compared to my friends and coworkers. Also in love with your outfit. Did you ever try H&M maternity? I’m hoping it fits us petites as well as the ASOS tops you found.

    • lifeunrefined says

      Congrats on your pregnancy! And you are indeed lucky to have an easy first trimester. :) Yes, these leggings are from H&M maternity, and I have a couple of casual tops from them as well. The tops I’ve tried fit me well, though the leggings are 3 inches too long on my 5’2″ frame and I had to get them altered.

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