Asos Maternity Swing Top and Stripe Skirt

Asos Maternity

Asos is one of those websites I’ve always wanted to love (Cute, affordable clothes from Europe! Free shipping! Free returns!) but for one reason or another, it never quite works out. Either the regular sizing is too large, or the petites section is too short. The material tends to feel thin and after two gentle washes, the top I’m wearing here developed not one, not two, but six little holes. Poor quality always makes me feel like I wasted my money no matter how cheap it was. Not a good feeling.

Asos Maternity-2

However, I was pleased with the two maternity skirts I recently ordered from them. Both had a much thicker fabric (no underwear lines!) and have held up so far. I never thought horizontal stripes would look flattering on a pregnant frame, but they do, especially when the piece is fitted. Balance it with a drapey swing tee, and you’re good to go!

Have you purchased anything from Asos? What has your experience been like?

Asos Maternity-3Asos Drapey Top (similar), Asos Maternity mini skirt (solid black)

 Photography thanks to Ping!

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  1. says

    Super cute look! I have purchased from ASOS and wasn’t too fond of it. I bought a shift dress and it was WAAAAAAY shorter than I anticipated or was even comfortable with wearing. I definitely returned it and haven’t actually bought anything since then. But I love this look you’ve put together

  2. Christine says

    That outfit is very cute. I’ve seen Asos before but never tried it out. Didn’t know they have free returns. I really love the skirt!

    • lifeunrefined says

      I walked in heels to the photo shoot location…does that count? :) I do still wear heels, but usually only to a dinner out where the husband drops me off at the front door, lol.

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