Color Cravings: Banana Republic Moto Jacket in Pink

BR pink moto-3

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten during my pregnancy is, “Have you had any food cravings? Aversions?” I have a notorious food palate to begin with (I prefer “airing” my bowl of cheerios overnight over munching on fresh ones), so I suppose my friends were wondering if I would have any interesting stories to tell them. But aside from one week where I wanted fresh orange juice every morning (who doesn’t?), I’ve been eating the same foods I always have. No late runs to Safeway for ice cream, or a desire to chew on rubber (I hear that’s a thing).

What did happen in my first trimester though, is that I suddenly could not stand wearing the color olive. Sadly, this was soon after I decided to keep my olive lace jacket from my first Stitch Fix box, so I never got to wear it. It’s shoved into a dark corner of my closet, along with my go-to Ann Taylor olive green blouse, and another olive green jacket. The idea of wearing any of those things right now makes me feel physically ill. Luckily, I still think olive looks great on other people, so at least I can do my job as a stylist normally.

BR pink moto

Instead, I’ve craved the color pink, especially when it’s a soft, pale hue. It’s an odd thing to explain, except that seeing the color makes me feel calm and happy and satisfied all at once. Which is strange, since Mr. Wonderful and I have expected that we’ll be having a boy (he has six uncles and one aunt, with each of those uncles having two boys). I wondered if my mind was rising to defend its femininity.

Wandering into Banana Republic the other day, I spied this jacket and instantly felt like I had to have it. My mind screamed, “Pink! Pink!” as if I hadn’t eaten in days and suddenly saw a banquet of food. Luckily, the jacket was on sale, which made it a little more palatable for Mr. Wonderful, who is worried that once I give birth, I’ll feel the same way about my new pink clothes as I currently do about my olive-colored ones.

I’m a stylist. I’m pregnant. What can I say?

PS. As it turns out…we found out it’s going to be a girl! Go figure.

BR pink moto-2Banana Republic moto jacket, Banana Republic skinny jeans (similar), Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack (in leather)

Do you ever have color cravings?

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  1. says

    Love that outfit! I would wear that. :-) And I’m liking the pink on you! I usually think of you as a person who wears darker tones, and I feel like this outfit pairs your usual (like the black purse and dark jeans) with a fun splash of the new.

    I was just thinking this morning about how gracefully you are handling pregnancy despite some of the tougher days, and I love that you have your own special way of experiencing cravings. Very unique like you! :-)

  2. Christine says

    Love your look! Pink!

    I have had something like color cravings before. I go through different phases in my life where I really like certain colors, like green and red, at different times. Once it was blue. I still really like greens and reds, but lately, grey, purple and white are really drawing me and I always like black…


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