French Connection Leopard Knit Dress

French Connection leopard dress W

Happy New Year!

With each passing month comes new weather and unaccustomed weight gain, forcing my pregnant self to figure out (quickly) what I can and can no longer wear. I usually end up with a few outfits that I wear on rotation, though the frequency with which I wear them makes me wonder if my friends think I never wash my clothes.

French Connection leopard dress-2
Case in point: this French Connection gray and black leopard print sweater dress I scored for $20 last month at Marshalls. Scrolling through my Facebook feed recently, I realized that I wore this dress to nearly every casual holiday get together and mini-reunion last month. I wore it during a Marching Band reunion (yes I was a bando). I wore it to the baby shower my sister-in-law threw for me over Christmas. I even wore it on a recent road trip I took with Mr. Wonderful, when I fulfilled my wish of visiting all 50 states in America. Pretty sure my cost per wear is nearing $1 or less!

Do you have any items that you wear so often it feels almost embarrassing? :)

French Connection leopard dressFrench Connection dress (similar), Express denim jacket (similar, sale), J.Crew mini Tartine satchel

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    I feel like the pictures are great but can’t even show how good this looks on you! No problem with wearing it every few days, because it’s spectacular!

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    Omg, I tried the capsule wardrobe idea during a move to a different country, and this is exactly how I felt! Surviving off five pairs of pants, five shirts, five skirts, etc left me feeling like no one ever thought I’d washed my clothes since I’d be in the same, or really similar outfits at least once a week. I have since gone back to a full wardrobe (or at least as full as I can without going broke).

    Arielle from Casual ‘n Couture

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    You are a gorgeous mother-to-be! And I see why this is your go-to outfit – it’s so cute, casual and comfortable! My wardrobe is pretty thin because once I find one type of shirt or pant that I like, I get multiples… I am a little ashamed at my lack of imagination, but I always feel pretty in my clothes :) PS- I am in love with your site! It is so beautiful! Thank you again for stopping by mine!!

    Take care,
    C |

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