Maternity Wedding Guest Outfit

KutFromTheKloth-2 Now that I’m more than halfway through my pregnancy, nearly all my old bottoms (pants, skirts) have stopped fitting. I had naively thought at least my stretchy yoga pants would accommodate my growing stomach until the end, only to find out this past week I had started suffering from wedgies every time I put them on. Apparently my butt is growing larger too, and not as a pleasant side effect from working out!

A good friend of mine got married recently, and in a panic I tried on every dress I owned. Only two still fit, but they were rather casual and plain. I was trying to figure out if I could make one of them work with some statement jewelry, when Mr. Wonderful suggested that maybe the dress I kept from my last Stitch Fix box would be a good option.


I love this dress. It’s so comfortable. The nice thing about wearing fitted clothing when you’re pregnant is that after a full meal, you don’t have to worry about looking pregnant. Because you are. For once, having a big stomach is actually a good thing.

Hope you’re having a good week!

KutFromTheKloth-3Kut From The Kloth dress, BCBG jacket, Commes des Garcons clutch

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    I think until about seven months, I could squeeze into all my dresses that were stretchy. Then it was just like – um, no! Mostly because the front would be way too short, in addition to not fitting around my belly. Unfortunately, I hate to share that all your woes may not go away right after the delivery either if you’re anything like me. I just tried on all of my cocktail dresses for a rehearsal dinner, and it turns out now my boobs are too big for basically all of them after my milk came in (even ones I could squeeze into at 6 months pregnant). Like won’t even hook on top, even though the waist looks fine. Or in the case of a pull-over one, bursting some seams. haha (Predictably, the only dress I own that can accommodate is that black and white giraffe pattern maxi dress that I’ve worn to several other occasions recently, so I guess that’s the winner.) All it takes is one extra cup size, my friend – you never know! haha

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