Maternity Wedding Guest Outfit

KutFromTheKloth-2 Now that I’m more than halfway through my pregnancy, nearly all my old bottoms (pants, skirts) have stopped fitting. I had naively thought at least my stretchy yoga pants would accommodate my growing stomach until the end, only to find out this past week I had started suffering from wedgies every time I put them on. Apparently my butt is growing larger too, and not as a pleasant side effect from working out!

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Color Cravings: Banana Republic Moto Jacket in Pink

BR pink moto-3

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten during my pregnancy is, “Have you had any food cravings? Aversions?” I have a notorious food palate to begin with (I prefer “airing” my bowl of cheerios overnight over munching on fresh ones), so I suppose my friends were wondering if I would have any interesting stories to tell them. But aside from one week where I wanted fresh orange juice every morning (who doesn’t?), I’ve been eating the same foods I always have. No late runs to Safeway for ice cream, or a desire to chew on rubber (I hear that’s a thing).

What did happen in my first trimester though, is that I suddenly could not stand wearing the color olive. Sadly, this was soon after I decided to keep my olive lace jacket from my first Stitch Fix box, so I never got to wear it. It’s shoved into a dark corner of my closet, along with my go-to Ann Taylor olive green blouse, and another olive green jacket. The idea of wearing any of those things right now makes me feel physically ill. Luckily, I still think olive looks great on other people, so at least I can do my job as a stylist normally. [Read more…]

Stitch Fix for Maternity

Stitch Fix Maternity top

Now that I’m 19 weeks pregnant (eek!), I’ve stopped fitting into most of my old clothes. I have one pair of super stretchy Banana Republic ripped jeans I wear on repeat (photo below), and a few loose dresses that have become my uniform. I knew sooner or later I would have to buy some new clothes or raid Mr. Wonderful’s closet full of free t-shirts (no thanks).

Stitch Fix offers maternity Fixes, which I think is a great idea for a busy mom-to-be. But since I’ve long resisted the idea of putting money into maternity-only clothing, I wanted to see if I could style my own box of regular pieces that are maternity friendly as well. Here’s what I ended up with: [Read more…]

I’m Pregnant. Was it a Mistake?

Dear friends,

I know I’ve been gone for awhile. And the longer I’ve been away, the more foreign it feels to write, and yet this morning I felt so lonely that I knew writing would be more therapeutic than talking to anybody about it.

I’ve been sick. The kind of sickness that normally comes with weight gain, cramps, forgetfulness, and a parasite that finally leaves your body after nine months. [Read more…]

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