Discovering New Style: Urban Outfitters T-Shirt Dress

Urban Outfitters dress

The beauty of fashion is that you never have to commit to anything, unlike a lot of other areas in your life. There can be seasons of reinvention, like the time I was in fifth grade and realized blue was a safer color to wear if you wanted to disappear from a bully. Or when I was in middle school and was consumed with the idea of wearing a creamy, lacy chiffon dress for my graduation ceremony.

With my first job out of college, I was barely making enough to pay my monthly rent and daily commute. Shopping was limited to the sales rack at Gap and Old Navy, and I got good at finding $10 jeans and $3 tops. Unfortunately, I also found people don’t take you as seriously when you’re wearing clothes that are obviously from the children’s section (it doesn’t help when you’re petite). I learned classic pieces were often worth the investment, and fitted, tailored clothing can make all the difference.

But being pregnant has brought upon a new season, where another little human being demands to have room to grow in your belly. Gaining a pound a week made me realize I was rapidly losing my waistline. Before I could wear my favorite pencil skirts “one last time,” I had to find new clothing, and with it, a new style.

Urban Outfitters dress wide

I’ve never gravitated towards the boho look, but perusing Pinterest soon taught me that loose swing dresses made for chic maternity outfits without requiring the purchase of maternity-specific clothing. This dress from Urban Outfitters allowed me to test drive this style, and now I find myself wearing it once or twice (okay, three times) a week. I love that it’s something I’ll be able to wear not just during or post-pregnancy, but long afterwards, too. Until I fit into my beloved skirts again, that is.

Do you like boho styles? What is your opinion on swing dresses?

Urban Outfitters dress-2Urban Outfitters t-shirt dress (sale), Anthropologie Temesa cardigan (Ebay), Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack (other versions)

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  1. Virginia says

    i like the boho/free people look and it looks great on you! That’s how I got through pregnancy without splurging on actual maternity clothes. Leggings were amazing too.


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