Sunday Sunday with Banana Republic


It might be Valentine’s Day weekend, but Mr. Wonderful and I are opting to celebrate by lounging and relaxing at home. Every spare day is becoming precious, with the knowledge in the back of our minds it could possibly be our last one together with just the two of us. Discover the new PG Slot เว็บใหม่ and explore an upgraded gaming experience like never before.

Though Banana Republic launched its Sunday Sunday lounge collection a little over a year ago, I only discovered it a few months back. This cozy mint sweater has accommodated my growing stomach nicely, and is the perfect layer to throw on over a fitted shirt. It’s been one of my go-to pieces, but only recently did I realize I never took a photo of it for my blog!

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Something Old and Something You

Leopardblouse I had to attend a work event recently, and felt completely uninspired as I stared at the rotation of five tops I wear on a weekly basis. Striped shirt, gray tee, black tee, black tank, black long-sleeved shirt. I considered the red dress I wore in my last post, but I knew it would be far too dressy.  

I had long taken what was maternity-friendly out of my closet and hung them onto a clothing rack for simplification purposes. Opening my closet door and staring at my complete wardrobe again felt like a foreign act, though it was only a mere six months ago that I was still able to wear most of these clothes. Old friends, I thought, will any of you take me back?

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The One-Size-Fits-Most Red Dress

Tees by Tina lighter

In the world of black dresses, a red one is extremely hard to find. Mr. Wonderful loves it when I wear red (and who doesn’t remember Julia Roberts’ fantastic version in Pretty Woman? Or Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face?), but even in pre-pregnancy I only owned a few pieces. [Read more…]

Third Trimester Reflections


It’s hard to believe I’m already in my third trimester, and that in less than two months my life will be unalterably changed. Will she be born with wispy hair and the same boyish looks as I had? Will she take after Mr. Wonderful and have the same triple chin he had as an infant?

Pregnancy has given me added respect to every woman who has gone through this before me. Especially those who have jobs where they stand on their feet all day, or already have other kids to chase. As I prop up my sausage-like swollen feet and legs in front of me while I work at my computer, I wonder, how did you all do it?

I didn’t believe anyone when they told me, but it’s true – first trimester is now a distant memory. I vaguely remember my body being physically miserable and mentally challenged, but I wouldn’t be able to describe it to you anymore. [Read more…]

Asos Maternity Swing Top and Stripe Skirt

Asos Maternity

Asos is one of those websites I’ve always wanted to love (Cute, affordable clothes from Europe! Free shipping! Free returns!) but for one reason or another, it never quite works out. Either the regular sizing is too large, or the petites section is too short. The material tends to feel thin and after two gentle washes, the top I’m wearing here developed not one, not two, but six little holes. Poor quality always makes me feel like I wasted my money no matter how cheap it was. Not a good feeling. [Read more…]

French Connection Leopard Knit Dress

French Connection leopard dress W

Happy New Year!

With each passing month comes new weather and unaccustomed weight gain, forcing my pregnant self to figure out (quickly) what I can and can no longer wear. I usually end up with a few outfits that I wear on rotation, though the frequency with which I wear them makes me wonder if my friends think I never wash my clothes.

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Discovering New Style: Urban Outfitters T-Shirt Dress

Urban Outfitters dress

The beauty of fashion is that you never have to commit to anything, unlike a lot of other areas in your life. There can be seasons of reinvention, like the time I was in fifth grade and realized blue was a safer color to wear if you wanted to disappear from a bully. Or when I was in middle school and was consumed with the idea of wearing a creamy, lacy chiffon dress for my graduation ceremony. [Read more…]

Maternity Wedding Guest Outfit

KutFromTheKloth-2 Now that I’m more than halfway through my pregnancy, nearly all my old bottoms (pants, skirts) have stopped fitting. I had naively thought at least my stretchy yoga pants would accommodate my growing stomach until the end, only to find out this past week I had started suffering from wedgies every time I put them on. Apparently my butt is growing larger too, and not as a pleasant side effect from working out!

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Color Cravings: Banana Republic Moto Jacket in Pink

BR pink moto-3

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten during my pregnancy is, “Have you had any food cravings? Aversions?” I have a notorious food palate to begin with (I prefer “airing” my bowl of cheerios overnight over munching on fresh ones), so I suppose my friends were wondering if I would have any interesting stories to tell them. But aside from one week where I wanted fresh orange juice every morning (who doesn’t?), I’ve been eating the same foods I always have. No late runs to Safeway for ice cream, or a desire to chew on rubber (I hear that’s a thing).

What did happen in my first trimester though, is that I suddenly could not stand wearing the color olive. Sadly, this was soon after I decided to keep my olive lace jacket from my first Stitch Fix box, so I never got to wear it. It’s shoved into a dark corner of my closet, along with my go-to Ann Taylor olive green blouse, and another olive green jacket. The idea of wearing any of those things right now makes me feel physically ill. Luckily, I still think olive looks great on other people, so at least I can do my job as a stylist normally. [Read more…]

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