Scallop Hem Floral Shorts

Scallop Hem ShortsWarm weather means shorts season! As I excitedly dug out my old favorites from the closet, I came to the same conclusion I recently discovered with my jeans – nothing fits my postpartum hips and waist anymore. I didn’t have time to hit the stores, so I decided to order a box of bottoms from Stitch Fix.

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Forever 21 Floral Crop Top

F21 crop topMr. Wonderful and I decided to take Little V on her first overnight trip recently, and headed towards Monterey Bay. It was a rare sunny day (the weather in Northern California is not at all the same as the southern parts of the state!) and it seemed like everyone was trying to get their tan on by the beach. [Read more…]

Nursing-Friendly Dresses for a Wedding (at Banana Republic!)

A friend (and mother) recently shared her dilemma in finding dresses that are both wedding appropriate and nursing friendly, so I promised I would spend some time hunting for several possibilities that she could consider.

Surprisingly, I came up empty-handed on Nordstrom’s website. A nursing-friendly dress usually has one of the following details: [Read more…]

How Breastfeeding Led to Depression

Let me preface this by saying my experience was not the norm. It’s probably why it took me awhile before I realized why a normally good thing was the problem.

I felt exhausted but happy for the first two days after I gave birth. Then Little V started losing more weight than what the doctors considered normal. I was struggling with breastfeeding, but hey, most new moms do. Within 48 hours we had not one, not two, but three lactation consultants offer advice. Someone was always telling me something was wrong. The shape of my nipple. My baby’s latch. My baby had a tongue tie. But don’t worry, there were solutions to all these things so I could keep breastfeeding. I was constantly reminded that “breast is best.”

“I thought you just stick a baby on the boob,” said an exhausted Mr. Wonderful, who gallantly sat with me though every consultation and every feeding.

If only. It’s so natural for mama dogs and cows and horses; why couldn’t it be for me?

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Ann Taylor Begonia Lace Tank and Vigoss Jeans

Ann Taylor Begonia Lace Tank

Mr. Wonderful and I actually got out for a second date post-baby today. Is it strange to say that half of my excitement for our lunch was an excuse to dress up a little? I was looking forward to wearing the Begonia Lace Tank I had recently ordered online from Ann Taylor.

I’m not typically a crop top type person (I haven’t had a flat stomach since high school), but it goes well with skirts if you’re not into tucking in blouses and want a bit of shape. I originally ordered the lace top to go with a high-waisted black silk skirt I own, but since we were eating at a low-key Thai restaurant for our date, I didn’t want to be overdressed. [Read more…]

Being Okayest. Being True.

It’s my first Mother’s Day.

I haven’t written a post in awhile, and while the break during these last two months have been unintentional, I have started wondering about the course of this blog. What do I write about if my daily outfit nowadays consists of pajama bottoms, a Madewell tee (which is, by the way, the perfect, slouchy shirt), and an oversized cardigan?

Write about your new life right now, a friend suggested. About motherhood and the way you’re experiencing it.

It sounded so simple. And yet, I worried. Will writing about parenthood struggles and the everyday mundane feel relevant to my readers? Will people lose interest when I start talking about sleep deprivation, the challenges of breastfeeding and bloody nipples (yes, I said that), or struggling with postpartum depression? This is my life right now, but who would care?

My husband gave me my Mother’s Day gift this morning, a t-shirt that said, “World’s Okayest Mom.” It was not only a confirmation of who I am, but an affirmation that it’s ok to just be ok.

worldsokayestmom_1024x1024And I realized this: I never started a blog to garner lots of followers. It was always about sharing what was real and authentic to me, even if that came at a risk of being raw and off-putting. I may never have the greatest blog, just like I’ll probably never be the greatest mom. But that’s ok. As long as I stay true to me.

I hope you’ll stay around.

Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited

cobaltvestWith the launch of Rent the Runway Unlimited this past week, I thought I’d quickly share my recent experience with the service while it was still in the beta program.

Despite the fact the new program wasn’t heavily publicized until now, I was put on the waiting list for ten months this past year. In fact, I had nearly forgotten about it until they contacted me two months ago while I was eight months pregnant. I asked customer service if I could wait until I had given birth and lost some weight. After all, why pay for an unlimited service when I would have a very limited selection due to my pregnancy?

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Purple evening dress

This was the last dress I wore before I delivered Little V. My body was big, different and uncomfortable, but I remember loving how my bump looked and how the dress flowed and felt on me. There was still a sense of feeling attractive in a womanly way, as I carried a new life.

I write this post-partum as I’m wearing a pair of Depends.

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The Arrival of Parenthood


Last week I made a trip to the hospital, expecting to get some IV fluids after a night of vomiting/diarrhea and then head back home for some much needed rest. Instead, I ended up delivering a baby girl 14 hours later! Little V arrived 3 weeks early, with all her fingers and toes (yes, I counted).

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Sunday Sunday with Banana Republic


It might be Valentine’s Day weekend, but Mr. Wonderful and I are opting to celebrate by lounging and relaxing at home. Every spare day is becoming precious, with the knowledge in the back of our minds it could possibly be our last one together with just the two of us. Discover the new PG Slot เว็บใหม่ and explore an upgraded gaming experience like never before.

Though Banana Republic launched its Sunday Sunday lounge collection a little over a year ago, I only discovered it a few months back. This cozy mint sweater has accommodated my growing stomach nicely, and is the perfect layer to throw on over a fitted shirt. It’s been one of my go-to pieces, but only recently did I realize I never took a photo of it for my blog!

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